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Standard One. School and District Leadership
The district and school leadership focuses on improved student achievement.

Indicators of success:

1.1 Leadership has led an inclusive process of developing a sustained and shared vision and mission

1.2 All administrators have growth plans focused on the development of effective leadership skills.

1.3 District/school leadership uses disaggregated data as part of planning for diverse needs, communicates data analysis information to school staff, and systematically incorporates data into the school's planning process.

1.4 Leadership ensures that all instructional staff has access to appropriate curriculum and instructional materials and are provided with the training necessary to effectively use curricular and data resources relating to the Arizona Academic Standards.

1.5 Leadership ensures that time is allocated and protected to focus on curricular and instructional issues.

1.6 Leadership promotes and sustains continuous school improvement by allocating resources, monitoring progress and resource use, and providing organizational structure.

1.7 The principal demonstrates the skills necessary to lead a continuous school improvement process focused on increasing student achievement.

1.8 The school is organized to maximize equitable use of all available fiscal resources to support high student and staff performance.

1.9 Teachers exhibit sufficient content knowledge to foster student learning.

Standard Two. Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
Rigorous curriculum and instruction provide all students the opportunity to meet or exceed Arizona Academic Standards.

Indicators of success:

2.1 The curriculum scope and sequence is aligned with the Arizona Academic Standards.

2.2 A systematic process for monitoring, evaluating, and reviewing the curriculum is in place.

2.3 The curriculum expectations are communicated to all stakeholders.

2.4 The curriculum provides access to a common academic core for all students.

2.5 Instructional planning links standards, formative assessment, instruction, practice, summative assessment, and review/re-teaching.

2.6 Instructional materials and resources are aligned to state standards and performance objectives, and there is research-based evidence of their effectiveness.

2.7 Technology is integrated effectively into classroom instruction and used as a teacher productivity tool.

2.8 Use of differentiated instruction, makes appropriate instruction available to all students.

2.9 A variety of scientifically research-based strategies focused on increasing student achievement are used effectively in classroom instruction.

2.10 The long-term professional growth of individual staff members is supported.

2.11 Teachers recognize and accept their professional role in student success and failure.

2.12 Professional development is continuous and job-embedded.

2.13 The district/school provides a clearly defined evaluation process.

Standard Three. Classroom and School Assessments
The school uses multiple standards-based assessments, strategies and data to measure and monitor student performance and to revise curriculum and instruction as needed.

Indicators of success:
3.1 Multiple assessments and evaluation strategies are used appropriately.

3.2 The teacher assesses learning and communicates results to students, families, and other professionals with respect to students' abilities to meet Arizona Academic Standards.

3.3 School and/or classroom assessments are aligned to the Arizona Academic Standards and/or performance objectives.

3.4 Students know what is required to meet/exceed the standards.

3.5 Test scores are used to identify gaps in curriculum or between groups of students for instructional implications.

3.6 The district/school outlines specific steps for monitoring and reporting student progress in learning the Arizona Academic Standards.

3.7 Teachers communicate regularly with families about individual students' progress in meeting Arizona Academic Standards.

3.8 District/school leadership coordinates implementation of the state required assessment and accountability program.

Standard Four. School Culture, Climate, and Communication
The school functions as an effective learning community, supports a climate conducive to student achievement, and possesses an effective two-way communication system.

Indicators of success:

4.1 Plants and facilities support a safe and orderly environment conducive to student learning.

4.2 There is policy, leadership, and staff support for proactive school discipline procedures that enhance student learning.

4.3 There is leadership, staff, and community involvement in the development and implementation of safety and crisis plans.

4.4 Teachers and staff build positive, nurturing relationships with students and work to improve student attendance, dropout rates, and graduation rates.

4.5 Student achievement is highly valued and publicly celebrated.

4.6. A healthy school culture promotes social skills, conflict management, and prevention programs.

4.7. Families and the community are active partners in the educational process and work together with the school to promote programs and services for all students.

4.8 Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to receive additional assistance beyond the initial classroom instruction, to support their learning.

Source from Phoenix Public Schools

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